3 Reasons To Use Mpesa Mobile Money

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform that one can subscribe to watch a multitude of TV shows, series, and movies belonging to a wide variety of genres including comedy, documentaries, crime thriller, drama, romance, sci-fi, horror, reality, and action. It served to be of great means to pass time for millions of people across the globe during the dreading lockdown period.

At present Netflix permits several payment methods, including debit/credit card or PayPal. Some hacks make it possible to pay Netflix via MPESA.

Why Should You Make Use Of Mpesa Mobile Money?

Initiated in 2007, MPESA is a mobile phone-based cash transfer service owned by Vodafone Group plc and Safaricom, which is the biggest Kenyan mobile network operator. This service is used primarily by a significant portion of the population in Kenya. Here are the three reasons why one should use MPESA Mobile Money.

  1. This platform enables customers to deposit, extract, move money, make payments for goods and assistance, and retrieve from credit and savings, all from the convenience of sitting at your homes and tapping on your mobile phone screens.
  2. MPESA act as a branchless banking model which ensures that the service is now available to formerly unserved societies. Other than the fundamental services MPESA provides, they have a good agent network who can help customers with the registration procedure, instruct them about its various features and deal with the ‘know your customer (KYC) rules.
  3. Looking into the substantial expense of transferring cash using M-PESA in Kenya, it is somewhat analogous and in most cases lower than other options.

Netflix has gained a great deal of attention and a growing set of Kenyan audiences for whom the payment option of MPESA is not as transparent as the other payment alternatives, and hence can be problematic. However, there is a solution available to pay Netflix via MPESA. One would need a PayPal account to make such a payment. The guidelines to be followed are given below.

  • The first step is to log in to your PayPal account. For those who do not own a PayPal account, it is quite simple to create one and would just take you a couple of minutes.
  • After logging into your PayPal account, you should continue the process of connecting it with your MPESA account.
  • The next step is to switch the funds required to pay for your Netflix plan to your PayPal account and proceed to make the payment for your Netflix account.
  • If you had opted for your payment plan as a credit/debit card preference, it is very easy to modify it from your Netflix account settings.

Netflix had seen a substantial climb in the number of its subscriptions and viewership in the African countries, over the last few years. Along with a consistently developing system of quick and budget-friendly internet access all over the continent, people should be able to pay Netflix via MPESA and, is, therefore, necessary for Netflix to include MPESA as a payment choice for their services in the African region.

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