8 ways to generate new businesses.

1. Reactivate connections.

Call or send an email to people you have not seen in a long time. Most of us catch us in our lives of day to day and, sometimes, let the connections go. Collect the phone, send an email and reconnect. New connections and opportunities can often be the result.

2. Get more active with local groups through social networks.

Instead of randomized connections, many non-connection networks and business groups also have online membership forums. Get to know the fellow members online through the discussions and the exchange of information and then the follow-up in person. Connect with people who can be a good fit: potential customers, people with whom I could collaborate, or just start with the people you like. The whole company is built on relationships, so it is not a bad place to start!

3. Identify your ideal client

Can you say with confidence? “My ideal client is … and the results that helped them to achieve them … ‘or words to that effect! If you can not articulate your ideal client, how can you expect others to refer to the correct types of people? Make sure That your message is clear to attract the correct types of people through your website and marketing communication.

4. Build a database to allocate

Once you have identified who your ideal client is, create a database of those potential customers so that you can contact them. If you do not know that you exist, you will not be able to build many new businesses! A database for allocating is a critical component of any business development activity.

5. Add the marketing of disclosure to the mix.

Potential customers and perspectives are attracted to our websites, our online marketing activities and offline, through references and word of mouth. To maximize the results of your business development, you should also reach new people. You can do this, the most expensive way you send Parts of Direct Mail through the publication, or you can start using the least expensive method when you arrive at the online margin. Send an email that offers free and valuable information through download or membership, send invitations to events, teleseminars or web seminars, approaching fellow members of groups belonging and hold down and suggest a coffee. Do not try to sell anything, it just reaches in a professional and accessible way.

6. Ask for references.

The best people to request references are ‘connectors’ that naturally require people and connect people with each other. Other sources are customers who know and value what you do and send it to others that are generally similar to your own businesses. Another source for references is Business Associates to which it refers to the company and that they are in a position to refer. Give people a term and follow-up if they have said that they will help.


If you have any old track you could not help at that moment, or may not be able to afford to work with you at that time, update communication and reconnect. Depending on the strong that is the initial connection, you can send an email or call. An effective strategy is a friendly email with an attachment that offers a certain value: an article, a free report or information that may be of interest to you. Then take it out of there.

8. Evaluate your offer

Looking close to your offers of products and services, they are still relevant, do you need some new offers, what is the main product that everyone purchases? Do you need to forward, reposition or reinvent something? Be objective and think about the client and what would add value. Are there concerns or problems that customers have had to go now? Choose the easiest to make you think the MOS would produce

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