Packaging Boxes Help Create Brand Awareness

The best your product boxes would be, the more likely that consumers would retain them for future reference and also the more they’ll be recalled of your business name. In addition to your great product copy, product label, and client service, having custom printed boxes specifically designed for your company is an excellent way to capture the interest of future and current clients. Boxes that are easy to spot, easy to carry, and well-designed all contribute toward the retention of your valued clients. It’s also an important way to advertise your business without spending thousands of dollars on television, radio, or other advertising means. Let your customers walk into your box with confidence every time they open it.

Printing custom boxes that contain your logo, message, and contact information is an economical choice for many advertising agencies and printing companies. Because the material is used on a consistent basis, you’re able to obtain long-term benefits from your investment while reaping the benefits of low-cost over-runs. As your brand becomes familiar and consumers begin to associate your logo, message, and other details with that image, it will be critical to your success that your advertising agency invest in creating a pool of custom printed boxes that appeal to your clients.

One of the most commonly used materials in custom printing boxes is paperboard. Often referred to as “box board,” this material is made by binding together strips of colored paper known as “pull-out” paperboard, and then gluing them to cardboard lids. Many companies have found that brown kraft is the most cost-effective for these products because of the light color it provides and because it doesn’t absorb as much ink which can decrease costs. Because of its affordability, brown kraft is often used as the primary material in the manufacturing of these boxes. For those small companies or start-ups looking to advertise their goods and services without the cost of an outside advertising company, custom printed boxes printed with their business’ logo, name, and contact information are a great solution.

The next material most frequently used in custom printed boxes is vinyl. This is typically the preferred medium because it is easy to produce, print, and very affordable. Vinyl is perfect for many different types of promotional materials, including those related to food, beverage, detergent, and personal hygiene products. Because it can be cut to any shape, Vinyl is often printed with different graphics and images to help customers identify specific brands. Because there is such a wide variety of Vinyl products available, many companies choose to use multiple colors in their printing to help distinguish between related products or differentiating one product from the next.

Although more expensive than vinyl, blank PVC plastic is still a popular item to include in custom printed boxes because it is easily customizable to any specific shape and size. Unlike traditional paper or cardboard packaging, using PVC will allow you to match your packaging style, as well as add text, logo, and pictures to help create a more visually appealing package. If you need to create a large number of promotional items, using offset printing to create custom product boxes from blank PVC plastic can be an economical way to achieve the results you want.

The three main components that make up a custom box are: the material, the design, and the printing process. When you consider these elements, it becomes clear why custom printed boxes are an important part of many businesses. With all of the various materials on the market today, it can be difficult for a business to decide which is best for their needs. In addition, it can be challenging to determine which printing process will best meet the needs of the current products and promotions being distributed. By utilizing the services of a professional offset printer, you can be sure that you choose the best solution to meet your branding and marketing needs.

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