The advantages and disadvantages of cellphone technology

Mobile phones have changed our lifestyle to an extraordinary level. Every time a few old families tell stories about previous communication modes such as meat, postal letters, and telegrams, 21st century children feel very surprised. It seems that people relating to the telegram belong to several other planets. So, it is the fact that mobile technology has started a new era on our planet, which has revoked the ancient lifestyle completely.

However, this does not mean that this technology does not affect people negatively. Everything on planet Earth has two sides; advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to telephone technology. This technology is beneficial and unfavorable. In this article, the benefits will be weighed on losses to gain a correct understanding of the impact of cellphones in human life.

Advantages of Technology

It is said that “the telephone has changed the world into a global village.” The statement is really true. Stay in one corner of the world, we can talk to the people we love who live in other corners of the world easily.
Mobile technology has accelerated small and large businesses. Business parties around the world can communicate with each other in a few seconds. They can handle and decide quickly. As a result, the business world has been increased at a surprising level because of this technology.
It makes people relate to each other. In this way, cellphones have encouraged human interaction.
To provide a network for communication, many people are needed to handle responsibility. Therefore, many unemployed people have a good job for them because of this technology.
Loss of Technology

The biggest loss of it is that this technology has affected the natural way of human interaction badly. People stay busy with their cells even when sitting in a group of other people.
There are many stories about people who fulfill accidents because they keep focusing on their cellphones while driving. So, this is one of the biggest weaknesses of this device.
Mobile phones are used by criminals to inform each other about their dirty plans. And, their crime scheme is designed using this technology in many cases.
Mobile phones have also increased street crime and violations of moral values. Many love stories are immoral, what is called finding their existence through abuse of this technology.
Some ear and brain diseases that are seen arise because they use this device too often. In addition, vision problems have also been seen among many crazy cellphone users.
So, we can see that cellphones are not only useful, but they are also dangerous. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that there is no harmful technology naturally, it depends on us whether we use it positively or negatively.

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