The Biggest Wins In Casino History

The dream of every casino player is to break the bank, to win at the casino. Here, the experts from Planet 7 OZ online casino have come up with the top 5 players who have achieved an extraordinary winning streak with great benefits.

Craps seem particularly suited to milestone seekers, with long rounds of rolling until enough is hit to be considered a winner, but blackjack and poker have also had legendary histories.

Big casino winners are part of a multitude of legends or dreams, but only a few players have actually made really big money winnings that have allowed them to become the kings of the game, the kings of the casinos.

The most famous casino winners

Archie Karas

Archie Karas is recognized as the best casino player of all time, Karas borrowed $10,000 from a friend in 1992 to go to the Binion in Las Vegas and thus make history, becoming one of the great players in history.

Karas took on the best poker players in the world for years, including Chip Reese, Stu Ungar and Doyle Brunson, managing to increase the initial $10,000 by more than $17 million.

When Karas lost interest in poker, he began playing at the Craps tables, betting from $100,000 to $100,000 while his success continued, as he did not lose a single spin.

The player himself commented that he had won each and every one of the Binion’s $5,000 tokens, accumulating more than $40 million in winnings during the three winning years, from 1992 to mid-1995.

As with the fairy tales of many casino winners, Archie Karas thought that the good times would never end, but in just three weeks he lost 30 million of the 40 million achieved to date.

At the end of 1995, Karas had lost all his money, confirming once again that what comes quickly and easily can disappear in the same way.

Stanley Fujitake

Stanley Fujitake was a regular at the California Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas when one day he managed to go down in history as one of the biggest winners in a single day of gambling at the casino. On May 28, 1989, Stanley Fujitake broke the Craps tables at the Hotel California.

Few people could imagine that Fujitake would embark on the most profitable single-player round of Craps spins in history. Stanley made a total of 118 rolls over 3 hours and 6 minutes before leaving the table.

With the feat of Stanley Fujitake and the rest of the people who saw his success and bet on him, the casino lost more than a million dollars during his session.

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer is also a legendary casino player known perhaps, like Karas, more for his losses than for his wins. The billionaire Australian businessman and media star played with the highest bets allowed, always trying to get the house to raise the stakes even further.

His biggest winnings include a round in which he managed to win $30 million at the MGM Grand in 1997, in addition to winning more than $5 million on several occasions in UK casinos.

On the other side of the coin, Packer also credits losses of $20 million on a single night of big gambling at a London casino, and many times his losses were in the millions.

Perhaps the favourite anecdote was when he was playing poker with an important businessman who was trying to impress Packer by saying that he had more than 60 million dollars, Packer took a coin, looked at him coldly and said: “I’ll toss you for it”, showing his penchant for risky bets.

Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio Esfandiari, throughout the 2012 World Series of Poker, at Event 55 – The Big One for One Drop, Antonio Esfandiari won the highest prize awarded in a live tournament in the history of poker.

In just three days (from Sunday, July 1 to Tuesday, July 3, 2012), the Iranian-American player won more than $18 million, plus an exclusive platinum bracelet that was awarded to him as the winner.

After several important positions in important poker tournaments, Esfandiari achieved his first big success after winning the LA Poker Classic belonging to the World Poker Tour circuit, where he raised $1,400,000 and to date has accumulated more than 23 million dollars in earnings, including only live tournaments.

Antonio Esfandiari is, like other big winners, is somewhat wayward and is known at parties as the first one to arrive and the last one to go. There are many people who say that if it were not for his father and his family, who care so much for him, the 32-year-old player would have already wasted and lost all the money made thanks to poker.

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