What You Should Know About Casino Bonuses

If you are a new player to online casinos, you may have noticed that almost all online casino sites have offers, bonuses and rewards, each with its own rules, regulations and particular requirements.

What you should know about casino bonuses and how to access them

It may seem tempting to be a user of just one trusted online casino, avoiding a lot of casino advertising in your inbox. But the benefits of being a player in more than one casino are undeniable, as this allows you to enjoy different bonuses continuously no matter where you are playing.

Differences between Gambling, Casino and Poker Bonuses

Although accessing casino bonuses is usually quite simple, they are not all acquired in the same way.

Since most casinos establish strict requirements for bonus acquisition and use, some bonuses are more lucrative than others.

Getting the best online casino bonuses like the bonuses from Planet 7 casino involves weighing the requirements against the potential benefits of it.

What are casino bonuses?

Before delving into the types of bonuses offered by the different online casinos available on the internet, it is important to understand what a casino bonus is.

Casino bonuses are offered by online bookmakers offering money either for registration or for a deposit. A casino bonus is practically free money awarded by the casino owner to the player.

This bonus can take various forms, but always with a clear function, that the holder of the bonus can play without any risk of loss.

Casinos often offer these bonuses to motivate people to use their platforms.

But why? Casinos receive a portion of the cash reflected in bets and visits, so the higher the user traffic on the site, the greater the potential casino winnings.

This is why most casinos have developed bonus systems to attract new users, and stimulate use by regular players.

Who receives casino bonuses?

Casinos usually offer bonuses to two different groups. First of all, for new users, for whom the casinos create registration bonuses or welcome bonuses so you get to know the platform and get used to playing on it.

It is important to know the types of bonuses and promotions that online casinos offer to make the most of them and obtain benefits.

In this sense, casinos usually structure welcome bonuses to be paid over a period of several bets, this to encourage prolonged activity on the same platform.

Although it may seem as if these bonuses are only offered as a welcome gift, the truth is that they are a tool used repeatedly, extending the opportunities to obtain bonuses to those users who go from being new to being regular and motivating them to continue betting.

The application of other types of bonuses such as VIP clubs and loyalty points have also long been effective in keeping users engaged and betting at their trusted online casinos.

What types of casino bonuses are there?

Whether offered as a welcome bonus or as a regular user bonus, there are currently different types of casino bonuses available on existing platforms, with the following being the most widely offered:

Deposit bonuses

Also known as matched bonuses, the first deposit bonus is one of the best deposit bonuses offered by casinos, being not only for new users but also for regular players. The best first deposit bonuses used by casinos are characterized by being proportionally equivalent to a percentage of your initial deposit. You are likely to see phrases like “20% deposit bonus up to $100”. This means that the casino will add 20% of the amount deposited to your deposit as long as it does not exceed $100.

No deposit bonuses

This is one of the best casino welcome bonuses as it is not tied to the size of your initial deposit. Instead, you will receive free cash to add to your funds once you sign up. After that, all you have to do is use your bonus to play your favourite casino games. But, casinos often set requirements on how quickly you can withdraw the winnings that result from your cash bonus.

Referral bonuses

These bonuses reward regular users who invite their friends to subscribe to their favourite online casino. In most cases, you will receive a link which you can share with your friends. Once your friend registers or places a certain number of bets, the bonus will be released. Although this type of bonus is used mostly with regular and senior players, currently many casinos also offer them to new users who wish to refer friends to their platform.

Payment method bonuses

Technically it is a casino bonus for which you do not need to make a previous deposit, but rather link a payment method to your casino account. These bonuses reward users for using payment methods that for one reason or another are compatible with those used by the casino. Often, these payment methods involve the use of a specific virtual wallet.

Loyalty bonuses and VIP bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are often structured in the same way as a VIP club. Loyal members of a casino’s VIP club will be able to receive bonuses as part of the club structure, accumulating points per game or dollar wagered. As points accumulate, you can choose to redeem them for free games, cash, or even casino-brand products or travel opportunities.

Bonuses for high-level players

This is perhaps one of the most difficult bonuses to get since casinos only grant them to those players who make large deposits (greater than $1000). These bonuses often come with hit rates of up to 100%, serving as an incentive to regular players and those who invest large amounts of money.


Although accessing this type of bonus is quite simple and common, it is important that you fully comply with the terms and conditions of the casino of your choice. This means making a certain number of plays, making a deposit, wagering a certain amount of money, or even collecting your bonus within a set period.

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