Check For These Inclusions In A Website Maintenance Plan!

As a website owner, you have many other priorities, but you cannot ignore the need for website maintenance either. If you are not a tech geek, it’s always better to hire a service that excels in the job. Of course, comparing website packages for maintenance and updates can be a confusing task. To make things simple, we have listed the things that you must look for.

  1. WordPress Core Updates. Concerned about security vulnerabilities? Well, you need to update your website regularly, especially if it’s designed on WordPress. Most website maintenance plans will have the scope for regular WordPress core updates.
  2. Plugin and theme updates. WordPress portals run on a number of plug-ins, which must be updated regularly to ensure that the website is running as functionally and optimally as possible. Additionally, the theme can be updated, as well.
  3. Security Monitoring. This is more about averting hacking attempts and other security concerns. Talk to the concerned service about the things they are doing to prevent such things from happening.
  4. Small changes to the website. Many website maintenance plans also include small changes in the theme, which is mostly based on the time they provide for the job. If you are paying a small price, don’t expect this thing in the list.
  5. Backups for your website. The concerned company will also take regular backups of the website content and materials, which will be stored off-site, so that you can access them in case of a mishap or website breakdown.
  6. Fixing Broken Links. If a website has too many broken links, it may affect the user experience considerably. When you look for website maintenance, check for companies that can also handle the issue of broken links, which also matter for SEO.
  7. Regular SEO changes. Your website should be optimized for SEO and marketing needs. As such, do consider a plan that ensures that the SEO elements of the website are updated as frequent as required, so that the marketing team’s work is not hampered.

Finally, do consider what you can pay for website maintenance, which largely determines the inclusions. Companies may want you to pay the price instantly for the entire year, but if you are apprehensive about a service, it’s always wise to opt for monthly services, even if that means paying a tad more. Take a look online and compare a few plans before taking the final call for your website.

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Author Bio:- Rohit Rajagopalan is a known blogger and an expert on website development, marketing and maintenance. He is also experienced with other tech subjects too.

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