Cloud Computing – The Latest and Greatest Innovation

There are buzzwords going around online, and it has to do with cloud computing. Even though the idea is relatively new online, people have been working on developing this type of technology for many years now, and it’s starting to come to the web with high speed. Even though millions are unaware of the terminology, there is no stopping the movement, and understanding what the term relates to, can help get web enthusiasts moving forward, before it’s too late.

The easiest way to describe what the terms mean is to understand how wireless technology has taken over in recent months. Millions of people are accessing the Internet with a variety of devices, not just a home computer. Phones, mp3 players, printers, laptops, television sets, dvd players, and so much more can connect to the Internet and stream content and more. Cloud computing refers to the flow of these web technologies and how they are easily connected to the online world, especially through the use of wireless networks. Just about any major piece of technology today, can connect to the Internet, which means that you no longer need to solely rely on a computer to get information or entertainment.

Long gone are the days when you had to roll out miles of Cat5 cable and get a switch with 10 or 20 ports to connect multiple devices to the web. You can now simply invest in a router; set up a wireless connection and all your devices can be connected, like a cloud. This type of infrastructure helps with storage capacities, which is interesting to note. If all devices are continuously connecting to the web, then why have stand-alone hard drives? That’s the question that was posed at the beginning of the development of this structure, and more companies are starting to put out options that will let anyone gather information without downloading files.

One of the prime examples of this is recent update to music. In order to listen to music you would usually have to download files onto an mp3 player or computer and hope for the best. However, there are new innovations that let anyone connect to an account and stream music that has been purchased through a cloud. With this technology, hard drive space becomes free and in some cases obsolete. Cloud computing is not going anywhere, and it continually gets updated with more companies jumping on board, to eliminate the use of flash drives and hard drives and get information to everyone platforms without stress.

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