Essential Aspects to Consider for Moving to Virtual AGM

Virtual AGM Singapore sees your annual shareholders meeting take place exclusively online. It would be held without a corresponding physical meeting and the shareholders would be able to participate and vote online. If you were wondering about a hybrid meeting, rest assured it is a meeting having an additional option for shareholders to participate and vote online. If your organization consider moving to a virtual or hybrid Annual General Meeting, you would be required a solution fulfilling various requirements. These requirements would be important for your virtual AGM needs. You would be able to make the most of the virtual annual general meeting using the services in the best possible way.

Among the several requirements for conducting a virtual annual general meeting, it would be important for you to have a full image and sound broadcast of the entire event. You would be required to secure authentication process in the best possible way. Moreover, digital transmission of proxies would be up until online voting. You would be given the option to send questions in text form through digital communication channels. It board would be required to read and answer it. Before the meeting, you would be required to send electronic access data for the shareholders. It would be done to help them gain access to the online shareholder portal.

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