Great ways to motivate your employees

A motivated workforce makes for happy and productive employees. Plus, according to the BBC, the more motivated your staff are, the less likely they are to take time off work for sickness and other reasons.

With so many benefits to be gained from having motivated employees, the question remains how to achieve this. Here are some effective solutions to try.

Flexible working

Increasing numbers of staff appreciate working in an environment that offers a good work-life balance. It will help them to feel happy about their jobs, and more motivated in the process. One of the ways to create a positive work-life balance is to offer flexible working conditions, such as working from home or fitting work around family commitments, etc.

Reward staff

Offering staff incentives or rewards for a job well done can help to create a more productive and motivated workforce, which can have a positive effect on your profit margins.

You don’t need to go to a lot of trouble or expense to provide incentives or rewards for staff; in fact, small gestures can be just as effective as larger ones. Even a simple thank you or acknowledgement for the efforts of staff can go a long way to boosting morale and motivation.

Encourage growth

Staff that are stuck in the same roles without any room to grow can become stagnant in their jobs, resulting in low morale and poor performance, which could manifest into a high turnover of employees.

You can prevent this from happening, while increasing motivation at the same time, by providing opportunities for staff to learn and develop new skills. Even small changes in routines and offering extra responsibilities can make a big difference to motivation levels.

Set goals

Without any constructive goals in place, staff won’t have anything to work for, which can have a negative impact on their motivation levels. Therefore, get into the habit of setting goals, which may not necessarily be the same for each member of staff.

Once you’ve got goals in place, monitor progression, and create the right kind of transparent and open environment that encourages honest feedback and communication. Staff are more likely to respect you and feel motivated in their jobs if their managers seem invested in their daily working lives.

Team building

If you’re looking to motivate your workforce, team building offers lots of potential, such as:

  • Improved communication
    • Builds staff bonds and enables workers to get to know each other better
    • Learning new skills in a fun and exciting way
    • Encourages staff to put new skills into practice on return to the workplace

The good thing about offering team-building exercises is that there are lots of different options to pick to suit your circumstances and budget. You can choose either outdoor activities or even virtual team building from Team Tactics, for example. So, get your team building activity booked today.

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