Small Industrial Robot-Robots Can Help Solve Labor Shortages in Industry

Over the last few years, many industries that rely on blue collar jobs and workers are finding it difficult to fill these jobs. As more and more of their employees get to retirement age, their jobs are becoming harder to fill.

This is a consequence of more of the young people preferring to work in less physically involving jobs.

To solve this problem, companies in diverse industries in manufacturing, agriculture, construction and other sectors are turning to technology. Technology then delivers to these companies’ robots.

Here are some tasks that modern robots can easily handle in the factory and other fields.

Heavy lifting

In many industries, for example automotive, there are a lot of heavy parts that need to be lifted. Automotive manufacturers who have already invested in robots have seen the efficiency with which robots deliver when it comes to working with heavy products and materials.

A robot has the capacity to handle heavy materials and products that could be a challenge to a diminished labor force.

Pruning and harvesting

The agriculture industry is one of the other industries that has faced labor shortages. With fewer and fewer people seeking for work in the industry, companies are looking for alternative solutions.

To solve these challenges, robot manufacturers have developed small industrial robots that can handle important tasks in the farm. Agricultural robots that can harvest or even prune crops in the field are now available.

Milking robots have been in the market for much longer are used in numerous dairy farms.

Repetitive tasks

Robots are best used for tasks that are repetitive. These are tasks that many workers eschew and consider boring.

Tasks such as pick and place, assembling tasks, painting and welding and even machine handling task are tasks that can be easily automated and assigned to robots.

With these tasks assigned to robots, factory workers can then be redeployed to other tasks that will need more than their physical strength or agility.

Benefits of having robots assist in filling labor shortages

High quality output

Robots are highly accurate and precise. As programmed machines, they will work as instructed without any deviations. Consequently, all products arising from a robotic process are in exact measurements. This means that the products are high quality.

Deploy human workers to other tasks

In the factory or in the farm, robots will take over tasks that are best served by robots.

Other tasks that require creativity and critical thinking cannot be assigned to robots. Tasks that also involve dealing with other people and external stakeholders of the organizations can only be carried out by human workers.

Human workers will be deployed to tasks in which they are required.

Lower labor costs

With labor challenges, companies will hire expensively. However, investing in a robot ensures that a company has the best mixture of skills required and automation.

Collaborative robots are affordable even for smaller companies. They provide all automation benefits affordably and also help organizations have an optimum mix of human workers and robots. Further, they are easy to use and do not require a company to hire specialized robot programmers.

Moreover, the robots are easy to maintain and use.

Longer working hours

By using robots, companies have an opportunity to work 24 hours without additional costs.

Robots unlike human workers do not require lunch breaks or any kind of break. They can work continuously as long as the raw material to work on are available. This means that the factory could close at its normal hours but have the robots continue production overnight.


There are many people who feel that robots are taking away jobs from people. On the contrary, robots are only filling a gap that has been left as people move away from previously loved jobs to contemporary non-physical jobs. Companies that have deployed robots are enjoying the great benefits that robots present and deliver in numerous facets of the organization.

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