What Is The Importance Of Secure Access Management? Check Here!

Data breach – That’s a frightening term for any enterprise, regardless of size, nature of operations and other factors. Authorities have strengthened compliance requirements, and any failure on part of a company can have serious consequences, which extend beyond basic fines and penalties. Businesses have to gather data, and often, a chunk of it is unintentional, and data collected from customers, users, employees and other resources, has to be protected. Besides external threats, unauthorized access and internal leaks are aspects that need attention, and that’s exactly where secure access management becomes relevant.

Understanding the nature of data breaches

Contrary to popular opinion, data breaches are not always intentional. There have been times when employees and internal resources have leaked data accidentally, or the system itself had a scope that would encourage hackers. Also, there are privileged accounts, which are not always governed as required, and the management members often has little understanding of how identity lifecycle management works. To prevent the possible scope for a data breach, it is absolutely necessary to have a complete system for onboarding, change and off-boarding of employees and other users, and with a secure access management suite, that gets easier.

Why security breach management is important?

Companies need to understand that there are other aspects of having a heterogenous IT system. For instance, when you deploy both cloud and on-premise solutions, you have to be specific about how data is stored. With security access management, it is possible to reduce internal and external threats considerably, but keeping a tab on access. The IT admin of a company will have clear visibility on how people are accessing data, and in case of a breach, they will be capable of cancelling all relevant accounts and also prevent corruption of sensitive data. It is more like having a proactive stance to IT security and data protection matters, and it is also possible to have tools that are meant to automate security monitoring when required.

The road ahead

Investing in a secure access management suite is not a choice anymore, especially if you look how fragile IT systems are. Focusing on identities and how people access systems, apps, and programs can help in preventing breaches, and the good news is deployment of such suites doesn’t have to be complicated. Find a company that can help you identify what secure access management means for your enterprise and further assist in customizing solutions.

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