Digital Marketing: What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing

Every day there are new terms, fields of study, and innovations that impact the daily lives of those in contact with digital marketing, whether studying, working, or even consuming.

The leading digital marketing strategies are:

Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing

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  • Sponsored links

Although they may look the same at first, differentiating them according to their practice makes it possible. Anyway, these digital marketing methods successfully complement each other for an efficient strategy.

Inbound Marketing

This type of digital marketing done by companies like comrade digital marketing agency for instance is also called attraction marketing, and this definition explains its concept well. This is because, when using it, the objective is that people are attracted to the company.

But that’s not because the consumer wants to buy your product. First, he gets in touch with the brand because it quickly offers interesting and relevant content online.

Unlike Outbound marketing, traditional marketing relies heavily on ads; the company offers a solution to your audience’s problems or needs. But not directly, using your products and services.

At first, the company shows credibility and authority, providing reliable information to make decisions. Here, the idea is to present your expertise so that the sale can happen in a second moment. Therefore, the brand uses digital marketing channels to get closer to the public and create an audience to increase its interactivity and gain their respect. In addition to creating a link with the consumer, this tactic allows you to know your target audience better.

Content Marketing

For Inbound Marketing to be put into practice, content marketing is used to publish information of interest and relevance to the target audience. This is done through online social media.

Today, this strategy is quite efficient, as consumers increasingly seek information, answers, and guidance on the web in their daily lives. By offering this content to them, the brand can attract and win more customers, leading them to purchase.

However, the company needs to position itself in its potential customer’s buying journey properly. This requires identifying which media he uses the most and making his presence felt in them.

Thus, content marketing is done through the following channels:

  • Blog
  • Institutional Site
  • Social networks
  • E-mail marketing
  • Newsletter
  • Between others


Another type of digital marketing like in comrade digital marketing agency for instance is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and this acronym refers to search engine optimization. Its purpose is to make your website or blog highly ranked, appearing in the top positions of online surveys. Being among the first in search results or even on the first page dramatically increases your chances of having, every day, a more significant number of visits. As a result, more Internet users know your brand, which is essential for Inbound marketing to work.

And to be well-positioned, you need to follow some rules, determined by search engines like Google, which want to offer their users the best experience in terms of browsing. Therefore, they leave content considered the best among the first.

This means that the content is original, with well-written texts, which have cohesion and relevant keywords by the internet user’s interests. It is also necessary to have quality images that are appropriately named. These are just a few examples of SEO techniques. There are many others, which contribute to your website or blog appearing more often in organic search.

Sponsored Links Or PPC

The sponsored links are ways to advertise on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Sponsored links are pay-per-click ads typically located at the top and bottom of Google and, unlike organic search, have an “ad” tag in search results.

The advantages of using this marketing channel are that the results tend to appear quickly. Therefore, it is a strategy widely used by companies of different sizes that invest in digital marketing.

Another important point is that for the strategy to continue giving results, continuous investment in the ad tools is necessary because it works similarly to an auction and, once stopped, the ads stop showing. This is one of the main differences between sponsored linking and SEO.

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