Digital Printing: How It Benefits your Product Packaging

When customers receive your products, the first thing they often notice is your packaging. That is why packaging must be an important part of your marketing plan. According to industry studies, packaging design is what people remember long after they buy products and toss the box they came with.

It is important to keep your packaging up-to-date and contemporary for your brand identity. A lot of companies are hesitant about design modifications because of the costs involved. However, the availability of digital printing eliminates this concern. Keep reading to know how digital box printing can help you create various designs:

Digital Printed Cardboard Boxes

To print cardboard digitally, ink is applied directly on the substrate, instead of transferring the image through print plates. Often, this is carried out using a digital printer that can print the design by lines. With a wide range of color options, you can print any design onto the box to produce a vibrant and photo-quality finish. And since there are no print plates involved, digital printing speeds up the printing process without compromising on quality.

When Digital Box Printing is Ideal

Digital printing with Belley has a lot of benefits for businesses. With a range of color options, tight turnarounds, and high-quality finishes, digital prints are a famous choice. They are ideal if you need full-color graphics in various colors, a low volume print job, a quick turnaround on your print request, prototypes to determine the right results, or vibrant, attractive point of purchase retail displays.

Benefits of Digital Printing for Product Packaging

Every style of box printing has its benefits, depending on your specific needs. Beyond the speed, photo-quality finish, and flexibility, there are other benefits to going digital:

  • Variants. The majority of brands provide more than one specific product and may have many variants within the same line. If you are one of these brands, your design and branding must reflect this. With digital printing, you can easily keep the similarities while showing the differences in the individuality of your products.
  • Ease of making printing changes. Digital printing lets you change anything for special events without the extra expense of starting from scratch. It makes it easier to swap out a logo size or add an extra element.
  • With digital printing, every individual product design can be customized. You can create packaging in any size and you can make colors pop up for maximum recognition.

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