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ASP.Internet Website Hosting: ASP.Internet 2. makes developing Web applications much simpler with much less code! ASP.Internet is some technologies within the Microsoft .Internet Framework for building Web applications and XML Web services. ASP.Internet pages execute around the server side and generate markup for example HTML or XML that’s delivered to a browser. ASP.Internet supports multiple .Internet languages including built-in support for VB.Internet, C#, and JScript.Internet, providing you with versatility in the selection of programming languages.

Home windows Hosting

Home windows hosting is NT based website hosting asp server generally installed with Microsoft Home windows Server Edition such XP/2003 configured with internet information services to complete active server pages (asp). Home windows hosting means hosting of web services or webpages that works on the Home windows operating-system. You have to choose Home windows hosting in case your dynamic webpages are developed using Microsoft .Internet Framework ASP.Internet pages. Cheap and finest asp internet website hosting services include:

1. ASP.Internet 2. hosting

2. ASP / ASP.Internet 1.1 hosting

3. MS SQL Server support

4. Limitless ODBC / DSN

5. Limitless sub domains

6. Limitless mail boxes

7. Flash MX, ado .internet, xml, vb .internet, c#

8. soap, wsdl, wap, wml, .internet 2. hosting

9. Dotnetnuke (DNN) hosting

10. .Internet framework 2. hosting

Home windows Server 2003 / IIS 6.

ASP.Internet AJAX referred to as ATLAS is really a free framework for developing wealthy interactive, mix-browser web applications. This Microsoft technology integrates mix-browser client script libraries of JavaScript using the ASP.Internet 2. framework. ASP.Internet AJAX hosting assists you to integrate Asynchronous JavaScript and XML strategies to create ASP.Internet webpages with wealthy user interfaces. Including both client-side and server-side components, ASP.Internet AJAX enables building web applications in ASP.Internet 2. which could update data on the internet page without refreshing or reloading the page.

Today you will find number companies which offer cheap website hosting services for ASP.Internet pages enable with AJAX. You can observe 5 best top website hosting companies here

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