Score Above 80 in Economics With These Tips

The National Council of Education, Research, and Training (NCERT) has built a name for itself in the world of education as one of the top textbook providers at the basic and secondary levels. Yes, you may have uncertainties about whether this book will help you score higher in economics or whether you should read something else.

How to Achieve a Higher Grade in Economics in Class 11

To increase your economics grades, you need to develop a deep understanding of economic theories, study skills, and theoretical math. To comprehend the notion of economics, you can keep up to speed by reading newspapers and periodicals such as the Financial Times and The Economist. Before you begin your study, go over the Class 11 Economics Syllabus thoroughly to ensure that you are familiar with all of the major topics that are present in NCERT books. Let us now look at the strategies for acing this subject with flying colours.

Here are some crucial benefits of Economics NCERT:-

Ø NCERT books are required by CBSE

NCERT books are required by CBSE. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend that you use NCERT solutions for Board exams.

Economics Textbook NCERT for Class 11published by NCERT is written in such a way that they comply with the most recent CBSE curriculum. For board exams, CBSE strongly urges students to use NCERT books. You can easily pass the board test if you properly study these NCERT books.

Ø Time Efficient

The NCERT texts are written in simple English. It explains complex subjects in a straightforward manner. It merely covers the most important aspects of the topics. As a result, it assists pupils in grasping a complex topic in a shorter length of time.

Ø  A significant number of case and practise problems are provided

The foremost part about NCERT books is that they provide a good number of solved and unsolved problems and questions at the end of each chapter. For such unanswered problems, NCERT solutions are also available. The questions in each chapter are structured in such a way that they will help you clear all of your notions as you tackle these questions. Inboard exams, CBSE frequently asks the same pattern of questions.

Ø In-depth knowledge of each subject

NCERT Books include all of the principles and essentials of each topic for all courses, allowing students to grasp the concepts quickly and effortlessly.

Ø Enhance your foundation

As previously said, NCERT books cover the fundamentals of all areas, allowing you to strengthen your fundamentals. A solid foundation can assist you in gaining in-depth information on those areas.

Ø It facilitates revision

Revision is required. Students must provide enough time to revise the topics so that everything is fresh in their minds. It seems to be something that must be done regularly. In that instance, NCERT books come in handy because the descriptions offered for each topic are extremely detailed. It is also recommended that you solve questions from the exercise throughout your revision session, as this will provide you with an advantage.

Ø NCERT Chapter Endings Are Mostly Twisted And Asked In Boards

If you look attentively at the NCERT books, you will see supplementary questions such as match the following, answer in one word, and so on. Lastly, it is the segment of the NCERT books that individuals pass over, and it is these that CBSE twists and turns to ask in the exam questions.

Indian Economic Development class 11th

The primary goal of this book, Indian Economic Development, is to introduce students to some of the most pressing concerns confronting the Indian economy. The book allows readers to learn about economic resources and how they are used in various industries.

The students are also exposed to numerical data on many elements of the Indian economy and the country’s economic policy. They are required to improve their analytical skills, assess economic events, and envision India’s economic destiny. Despite this, every attempt has been taken to avoid overloading the learner with concepts and material.

Efficient ways in which students can use this book

For students studying for the 11th Class Examination, the NCERT Book for Class 11 Economics is a valuable resource. Both volumes in the NCERT Books Class 11 Economics set contain all of the chapters in the Economics subject. These issues are not only significant for exams but are also intended to boost learning in schools. Students can benefit from tackling the activities in the book for self-assessment as well as acquiring the fundamental approaches for addressing complex problems.

The NCERT Class 11 Economics book aids candidates in comprehending economic ideas and gaining a deeper grasp and insight into themes concerning consumption and production. Candidates who plan to study microeconomics or macroeconomics in college will benefit from NCERT books. The Indian Economic Development and Statistics for Economics are two separate Economics texts for Class 11. Questions from the NCERT Books will be asked in the Class 11 test.

The Advantages of Using NCERT Economics Solutions for Class 11

  • Well-researched solutions aligned with the most recent CBSE syllabus
  • Helps students improve their problem-solving skills by being prepared by competent Economics teachers with an in-depth understanding of the subject.
  • It’s simple to navigate and use as a reference for practising questions in a hurry.
  • Designed to aid students in their exam preparation and help them get high exam scores.
  • It is free to use and may be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Benefits of Economics NCERT book during exams

To do well in the 11th Class Economics exam, you must master every topic thoroughly. Mastering each topic within each subject necessitates having adequate study materials on hand. Our NCERT CBSE Class 11th Economics solutions explain tough and key concepts in simple terms, allowing students to prepare for challenging topics more quickly and effectively. As a result, you can increase your exam preparation and performance in this manner.


NCERT Textbook for economics is an excellent exam study tool because it covers all of the major parts of the syllabus. Our study material not only provides students with the necessary study materials but also assists them in preparing for the exam in the most effective way possible.

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