Secrets to Success From Malaysia’s Top Gaming Companies

The Malaysian gaming industry is on the rise, and there are a few key reasons why. In this article, you’ll look at a few of the biggest secrets to success from some of Malaysia’s top gaming companies. By understanding and implementing these secrets, your gaming company can enjoy similar levels of success.

Make Use of Tax Incentives

The Malaysian government offers a few tax incentives to encourage businesses to develop mobile games in the country. These incentives include a 100% tax exemption on profits earned from developing and selling mobile games, as well as a 50% tax deduction on expenses incurred in developing mobile games.

The government also offers a 50% tax rebate on the purchase of mobile game development software and hardware. These tax incentives make it very attractive for businesses to develop mobile games in Malaysia.

Focus on Developing Mobile Games

Mobile games are extremely popular in Malaysia, with over 90% of gamers playing them on their smartphones or other smart devices. This presents a big opportunity for gaming companies that focus on developing mobile games that are tailored to the Malaysian market.

By understanding what types of mobile games are popular with Malaysian and other gamers and designing your games accordingly, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

Build a Strong Team

When it comes to developing a successful Malaysia game company, having a strong team is essential. Different members of the team will bring different skill sets and talents to the table, and it’s important to have a balance of skills to create a well-rounded game.

For example, you’ll need someone with strong code development skills to create the game itself, while someone with experience in graphics and animation will be responsible for creating the visuals.

In addition, it’s important to have team members who are good at marketing and promotion, as this will be essential in getting people to download and play your game.

By building a strong team with a variety of skill sets and the ability to collaborate, you’ll be well on your way to developing and marketing a successful mobile game.



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