The age of Virtual Hiring Events: A new perspective of this era

A virtual hiring event is a group interview where employers receive job applications and arrange virtual interviews in individual or group formats. Reducing the waiting time may also lead to job offers on the spot, significantly reducing the waiting time of job search.

Video interviewing has gained popularity in recent years, with some of the world’s most famous brands like Facebook, Apple, and Google using the technology to boost their hiring processes.

The study suggests that around 60% of hiring managers utilize video interviewing when they want to perform remote job interviews. Virtual reality, being the future of the recruitment industry and due to the COVID-19 outbreak, being able to adapt the recruitment process at the drop of a hat is difficult when apps like Zoom have got overnight sensations.

Companies in search of new talent, work in recruitment, or wish to innovate an approach may consider video interviewing.

What is a Virtual Hiring Process?

In short, a virtual hiring event describes a hiring procedure that can be done remotely and virtually without meeting the candidates face to face. Here, recruiters employ technology to host virtual events, video interviews, assessments, and surveys to analyze their applicants remotely.

Reasons to use Virtual Interviews while Recruiting

Virtual hiring events take place with the help of any device and software or even through a phone. It implies the whole communication process may happen online without any physical interaction. Such events

  • speeds up the recruitment process
  • makes better hiring decisions
  • increases the consistency in the hiring process
  • accesses a wider pool of talent
  • improves the candidate experience.
  • enhances safety during a crisis
  • helps to wrap up

Process of Hosting Virtual Interviews

Add the necessary link to the interview schedule description.

Attach the link to the interviewer slots once the schedule is approved

Partners with the school need to consider adding a schoolroom with a virtual meeting link.

How to initiate a virtual hiring event?

  • Organizations need to choose a virtual career fair platform.
  • They must develop the event budget.
  • Companies should create an effective strategy.
  • They need to customize a virtual booth.
  • They must build partnerships and set expectations.
  • Recruiters should adjust to a virtual career fair.
  • They must develop and implement a marketing plan.
  • Organizations should launch their career fair.

Virtual Interview Vs. In-person Interview

Virtual hiring events are beneficial for high-volume recruiting. It is a bulk investment to hire for senior roles, and recruiters want to interview such candidates in person.

During an in-person interview, one must have to account for the potential for someone to be late and other obstacles or interruptions that take place in the office.


Virtual hiring, virtual recruitment, or virtual interview is the procedure of conducting interviews and hiring candidates through video interviews and video conferencing. Virtual interviews help enhance the candidate pipeline and provide mobility to the recruitment process if implemented successfully.

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