Creating a Sustainable SaaS SEO Strategy

All companies often have difficulty their digital marketing efforts. With the online ecosystem being very saturated by online platforms, online businesses, and a plethora of online content, it is often difficult for online businesses to compete for attention. SaaS companies, in particularly, have their own unique challenges in creating a marketing strategy that is sustainable for their business model. Unlike ecommerce stores, SaaS companies do not need to promote particular products in a specific way, such as men’s clothing using targeted Facebook ads. While this type of strategy is seemingly straightforward, it can be very expensive for nascent ecommerce stores to run these types of targeted ads, and the ROI on them is usually not as high as many other digital marketing efforts.

As a result of this, SaaS companies have increasingly turned toward SEO. SaaS businesses have fundamentally different concerns than those of ecommerce businesses, and their products are usually a lot more niche than what is found on an ecommerce store. SaaS companies can utilize the SaaS SEO strategy process to better define their business, and also to figure out their target demographic. SaaS offerings tend to be niche, and SaaS companies need to be aware that only a portion of their potential users are directly seeking out software to help solve their problems.

This is why content marketing is not helpful without a solid foundational SaaS SEO strategy. Content is often excellent at converting, but in order to use content to convert, it actually needs to be discovered first. This is because content marketing is an increasingly common tactic among businesses these days, and digital marketers often hone in on content as the only digital marketing strategy that is effective. While it is true that content is important, it is not important is no on is reading or engaging with the content in the first place.

In order to make sure this content is properly engaged with, and that investments in content marketing don’t go to waste, it is best for SaaS companies to create a sustainable SaaS SEO strategy around this content. To do so, SaaS companies should do comprehensive keyword research and make sure that their content marketing efforts are based around this. For SaaS companies, keyword research should not just be related to software-based keywords, but also to informational queries and long-tail keywords that their base of potential users is possibly searching for.

Within keyword research, SaaS companies can discover things like keyword volume and keyword difficulty, which indicates how many people search for a keyword in a given month, and how difficult it would be for their SaaS website to rank for that keyword. In doing so, SaaS companies can come up with an opportunity score to assess whether a keyword is easy enough to go after and try to rank for relative to its monthly search volume.

Overall, SaaS companies need to focus on sustainable keywords and build sustainable content around those keywords. In doing so, they will be able to better focus their content creation efforts and make sure that their digital marketing spend is targeted toward the keywords that they want to rank for. While it is impossible to calculate an exact ROI on all SEO efforts, it is oftentimes a much better strategy for SaaS companies than paid ads and other digital marketing initiatives.

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