What rules in Russia: Google vs Yandex

SEO for Yandex: Which is better, Google or Yandex?

If you’re looking for web marketing services but you’re not sure where to start, this article could help you out. There are lots of different search engines across the world, including Russa and across Europe. Google, Yandex and Bing are some of the most commonly known search engines.

About Search Engines: Yandex, Bing and Google

Yandex was first introduced by its founders in 1997, but it became an actual company in 2000. The purpose of it is to act as a search engine that’s specifically designed for Russian search. That means it is far better at handing Russian search queries, than Google is. Furthermore, this goes to say that Google is slightly behind in understanding the Russian intent behind those keywords. But this may change over time. There is another search engine called Bing, and this was created in 2009, and Google was founded in 1998.

Which is better for search: Bing, Yandex or Google?

Some say that there are disadvantages and advantages of using different search engines. For example, some authorities say that Bing has better image search quality than Google. There is also a loyalty card you can sign up to, just for simply using Bing as a search engine, but Google doesn’t do this.

Elsewhere, (Silicon Angle) ( explain that Yandex is the best search engine because it generated nearly 10 billion queries in the last two months of 2012. There were nearly 270 million users searching on Microsoft. Whereas there was just less than 75 million on that of Yandex, in a given year. So, in this sense Microsoft has more searches in this example.

There is debate to suggest different people in different countries might not have figured out the best way of searching on Google, Bing, Microsoft and Yandex yet. For example, there are spam-free search tools, that gives the user more private searches. It might be that Russian users are using specific tools for different reasons, and only occasionally using Yandex SEO for localized terms.

Yandex might be better on Android

There is some discussion around Yandex being optimized for Android users, and that this is slightly more than Google. But the industry of search engines can change instantly and very quickly over time, so it is certainly one to watch to see the progress of the different search engines.

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