Drive business results through employee engagement

If there is one thing that has been proven throughout this unprecedented year, it is the importance of employee engagement. For business small and big, the engagement of employees has been of upmost importance. Why is this the case? With physical contact being put to a halt, employees need to continue to feel engaged with the company and colleagues they work for and with. How can this be realised?

Employee engagement is more than just interaction

When you want to create engagement with employees, you need to go beyond the regular contact points. To engage is to have all employees feeling relatable to the company they work for, and feeling one with the organisation. This is often hard, as it requires to feel aligned with the mission as well as the strategic objectives being set. This needs to be realised through a bottom-up approach.

Why a bottom-up approach works

When you focus on engagement from smaller teams, this is considered the most effective. The respective managers can easily engage with the team members, have regular session and understand what their needs are. Having this engagement is both a give-and-take as employees’ demands need to be met. With demands we refer to, for example, having regular contact points or the right equipment to do their job.

Employees want to feel valued

In these smaller teams, you can focus on establishing a trust and value-based relationship. When the employee is bringing value to the company, it is not more than justifiable that this person deserves the right to be valued by the organisation. This is a point that is often forgot or goes unforeseen. Especially in these times of the covid pandemic, it becomes harder to measure this desired interaction and engagement.

Luckily there are tools out there

When it comes to employee engagement there are multiple ways that allow for measurements. For businesses, quantitative data is often desired in decision-making and this also holds true for engagement. There are multiple surveys that can be send out to employees. In this questionnaire, employees are requested input on several items. The good thing about the tools? You can automatically get insights into the engagement. You can even zoom in to departments and see how the engagement is in that specific group (of course, with confidentiality of the respondents in mind).

Leading tooling to the rescue

One of the providers of these employee engagement tools is Effectory. This company is a front runner in providing tools and also offers a broad range of other services. There is even a special COVID-19 survey and analytics function that can be utilised by organisations. Besides that, there are specific tools available that focus on relevant themes related to your organisation. Curious and want to learn more about Effectory and the services the provide? Visit to learn more.

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